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It does not matter whether you are hosting a family gathering, birthday party, or corporate event. You cannot welcome all your guests without food. The quality of the catering is one of the most significant elements of each event. Allow Lanie Filipino Barbecue & Catering Food Truck to take care of this. We provide the most dependable catering service in the Kodiak, AK area. Below, you can read more about the food that we prepare. 

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Catering Services

Catering Services 
Hiring a professional caterer and waiting for staff can be very impressive and help to make your event an absolute success. When you book professional services, you will have the chance to sample the most delicious Asian food prepared for you with TLC. We will deliver the necessary number and types of dishes right to your door or venue.   

Filipino Food

Filipino Food
We specialize in Filipino cuisine, which is considered to be the next big thing in the culinary world. The Philippines is known for its rich history, traditional cooking techniques, and the Filipinos' have a knack for combining flavors and making the most of any ingredients at their disposal. Our chefs only use high-quality elements to provide food that is healthy and delicious.   

Homemade Style Food

Homemade Style Food
Our Filipino dishes consist of many, various kinds of homemade recipes. We are sure that you will enjoy Adobo, Sinigang, Lechon, Kaldereta, and many other types of food. If you want to try our traditional cuisine, we will be glad to prepare some of the tastiest meals for you and your guests. Our cooks use authentic cooking recipes from various regions to create a diversity of dishes.   

Barbecue Food

 Barbecue Food
Do you wish to try some of the most delicious and juicy barbecue meat? We can prepare chicken and pork meals for you. Even if you are not a Filippino yourself, surprise everyone at your event with our variety of tasty barbecue dishes. We have a good selection, so let us know what you desire. The menu we have available will tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more!

The Benefits for You

All good parties involve socializing with guests, and of course, eating together. That is the hardest part of planning a party, providing the right food for your guests. It is often a stressful and multifaceted task, made more complex by ensuring we can meet our guests’ needs, tastes, and desires. Having the right food can make or break your party, so let us promote the fun with our multiple Filipino barbecue food dishes at very affordable rates. 

Methods That Work

Our trained chefs use diverse Asian recipes and mix meat, vegetables, and spices to create an incredible combination to make the most delicious meals. We work with clean, high-quality products and utensils and prepare all of our meals for you with care. For more information about what other types of barbecue and homemade food we deliver and what you need for your occasion, call us now. 

Our Reputation 

For professional Asian food catering services, you do not have to be in Kodiak, AK. We deliver tasty and healthy meals to the following areas:

  • Womens Bay, AK
  • Port Lions, AK
  • Old Harbor, AK
  • Larsen Bay, AK
  • Karluk, AK

For any catering emergencies, do not wait and contact Lanie Filipino Barbecue & Catering Food Truck right away. If you have any questions, contact us today. 

Client’s Testimonial

Apr 20, 2021
It Went Great!

This exceptional local caterer surprised all of my guests. The chefs prepared food for 50 people, and I am so grateful for their amazing work. We were all very impressed by the combination of aromas and tastes. We will choose them again next time!

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Phone: (907) 512-6594

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